Encourage structure and rigor in reasoning


Co-Creation partner: Utrecht University 
 Dotank phase: Development

In the real world we’re constantly faced with difficult situations that require decision making, and vast amounts of (mis)information. How do we decide what is best and what are accurate beliefs? To practice this critical skill we developed Argument mapping. This is a method to investigate claims in a way that encourages virtues like structure and rigor in our reasoning, as well as foster empathic communication skills to work together with others towards a common agreement on what are wise decisions and accurate beliefs.
Argument mapping starts with a claim. Attached to this claim, students can add arguments (reasons supporting or opposing it). These arguments can again be treated the same way, to map out their merit. Visualizing arguments in this way can expose biases in argumentation.

By creating a positive environment to confront ourselves and our peers with the strengths and flaws in our reasoning, we open up a valuable opportunity for reflection and personal growth to take place. This way Argument Mapping can be used to cultivate critical thinking and an emphatic attitude to the ways of reasoning of others.

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