Process study material by priming students on specific topics


Comprehension helps students better process study material by priming them on specific topics. The teacher specifies which topics are essential to grasping the material. Students select and annotate the passages where these topics are discussed. This helps students grasp the structure of the material and improves their learning strategies.
Optionally, annotations can be set to be visible for every student in the class. By reading (and responding to) their peers’ annotations, a social element can be added to self study. Finally, the teacher has the option to require students to write a summary of their annotations. By priming students on relevant topics, and using these topics to guide student discussions and summaries, this module helps students improve their grasp of both the structure and the contents of study materials.

  • Guided inline annotations
  • Students can view peer-made annotations
  • “Heat map” of annotations
  • Real time learning analytics
  • Commenting and upvoting on annotations
  • Participation grading
  • CSV Data export
  • Video
  • Students read a text using the SQ3R method
  • Students can better process study material / scientific articles by priming on specific topics
Students annotate a mockup essay to develop writing skills



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