Facilitate reflection on skills and contribution in group work


Group assignments are a common sight in education. Research shows that collaborative learning can be extremely effective because it encourages students to actively reflect on their own skills and contribution to the group work. The Group Member Evaluation tool and associated Learning Activities facilitate such reflection by asking group members to evaluate each other’s contribution. Aside from fostering reflection, it gives teachers insight into the collaborative process, thereby helping combat the problem of free-riding. As such, Group Member Evaluation improves both the critical thinking and involvement of students.

This module streamlines the way students assess their peers’ collaboration skills. The teacher specifies by which criteria students evaluate their peers’ contribution to group work. Additionally, teachers can require students to elaborate by commenting on the feedback they provide their peers, thereby combining quantitative and qualitative feedback. The built-in analytics allow teachers to instantly monitor students’ progress and the amount of time they spent giving feedback.

  • Supports group work
  • Reviewer anonymity
  • Sync grades with LMS
  • Sync deadlines with LMS calendar
  • CSV Export data
  • Option to require summary
Discussion on feedback
  • Configurable grading*
  • Complex rubrics*
  • Self-evaluation

*Development stages are before September 1st, 2019

  • Participation grading
  • Feedback cards
  • Students rate their reviewers
  • Automated submission checking
  • Insights
  • Nudging
  • Completion checklist
  • Students give feedback on their peers’ collaboration skills.
  • Personalize group grades based on individual contributions to group work.
  • Teacher discovers free riders in group projects.
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