Interactivity and social learning in consumption of study material


Reading books or articles, watching a video, or listening to a podcast are important study activities that take place in almost every course. However, students are often only passively consuming the content. These three tools add interactivity and social learning to this passive consumption of material.

With these tools, teachers can upload documents, videos or audio files for students to read in preparation for class. Teachers can add discussion topics or practice questions to guide students in their preparations for class. Students can at the same time add discussion topics or practice questions.

  • Supports group work
  • Reviewer anonymity
  • Sync grades with LMS
  • Sync deadlines with LMS calendar
  • CSV Export data
  • Option to require summary
Discussion on feedback
  • Teacher insights
  • Students add discussion topics to a video
  • Asking students to create exam questions
  • Students recap previous section in Q&A/Discussion session
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