The EdTech Consortium works with over 24 partner universities worldwide to build technology that inspires active learning pedagogies at scale.


Facilitated by FeedbackFruits, the consortium brings together like-minded expert practitioners who shape the development of our tools and help us solve higher education challenges together.


To accelerate the implementation of active learning designS

The consortium partners have a shared drive toward transforming traditional, passive learning into an active and engaging learning experience. This is realized through redesigning course pedagogy and by implementing active learning activities. Due to limited technical support, universities often make concessions in the implementation of such course designs. These concessions lead to inefficient workarounds, thereby complicating implementation and resulting in fewer teachers adopting.

By working with universities from ideation to implementation, our partners are able to accelerate the technological implementation of active learning design at scale. Together, we solve didactical challenges in higher education and cultivate an attitude in students that positively impacts organisations and societies.


Facilitate innovative learning activities for teachers with teachers

Teachers are rich in ideas but lack the resources to translate these ideas into validated technological solutions. We follow the DoTank method where consortium partners co-create new LMS tools to support a wide range of learning activities. Together, the partners suggest new learning activities and shape the development of future tools and learning activities. These technologically supported and evidence-based learning activities are subsequently shared among all the partners of the consortium.

The number of available (validated) learning activities grows as new partners join and innovative teachers and instructional designers come up with new use-cases to be supported.

Through this collaborative approach, we drive innovation at a pace that would be impossible for each partner to achieve individually.


The art of learning

We build tools that facilitate a wide variety of validated learning activities. These tools are designed to make classrooms more interactive and course work more social. Available learning activities are related to pedagogical themes such as peer feedback, activating study material, interactive classrooms and discussion.

The science of teaching

As a result of collaborating with teachers from ideation to implementation, our tools are built on innovative pedagogies with validated use-cases in courses. Together, through the learning activities, we address didactical challenges in higher education today. A partner can easily pick relevant learning activities out of a shared resource pool and swiftly implement in their LMS.


Our tools integrate seamlessly into the existing LMS using an LTI/API integration, thereby enabling active learning in classrooms at scale. The technical framework lets pedagogical setups be easily copied from one course to another, independent of the LMS type. All learning activities comply with high standards in data security, privacy, accessibility and are designed for usability.

In facilitating widespread active learning this way, we equip more students with invaluable skills such as critical thinking and higher-order thinking that are crucial in today’s complex world.

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