We have flexible partnership options given your need and resources

The basic partnership allows the institution to use all of the tools and insights into best practices of our tools, available in a learning activity format, receive all of the adoption support offered by FeedbackFruits & access to all of the future innovations co-created in the Dotank.
An Innovation Partnership is for institutions aiming to actively co-create new LMS tools that support specific learning activities. This service is extra on top of the Basic partnership and the core of the consortium. Any institution that joins the consortium in this partnership is granted up to 300 hours to develop a project in the Dotank together with FeedbackFruits.
In a full partnership, the institution receives all the benefits of an innovation partnership. Additionally, for institutions who need guidance in instructional design, FeedbackFruits offers consultancy services on complete restructuring of courses. This is mostly for institutes with ambitions to restructure the curriculum and answer to their need for knowledge and capacity.

FeedbackFruits is confident that it is able to demonstrate the added value of joining the consortium during the pilot. At the same time, flexibility is offered to continue with a SaaS license for one or two tools only. Hence, by this way a need/functionality gap indicated by teachers can be solved directly. 

However in this SaaS scenario, the following elements of a consortium partnership are not available:

  • Adoption support (except the kick-off training)
  • Benefits from the consortium structure

  • Research benefits

Opposed to a partnership, in which access is provided to all the LMS tools, the ‘Tool only option’ only provides access to one or two tools.

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