Structure and streamline students reviewing their peer


Students can learn a great deal from giving each other feedback on their work. Research has shown that students regard the feedback from their teacher as (more or less) absolute truth, while feedback from peers creates doubt, which activates students to think critically about their work. In consequence, students’ self-knowledge as well as other skills (e.g., coaching, cooperation, debate) are improved. This tool structures and streamlines the process of students reviewing their peers’ work. The teacher specifies the criteria by which students evaluate their peers’ work and sets deadlines and instructions. After the deadline each student is automatically assigned a peer’s work to review. The file, feedback, and discussions about the feedback are all displayed in the LMS, without the need to download individual files. Next to a formative way of using this module it is also possible to add a summative part where students automatically receive a grade of their work.


  • Supports group work
  • Inline feedback on all media types
  • Discussion on feedback
  • Reviewer anonymity
  • Sync grades with LMS
  • Sync deadlines with LMS calendar
  • CSV Export data
  • Option to require summary
  • Configurable grading*
  • Complex rubrics*


*Development stages are before September 1st, 2019

  • Participation grading
  • Feedback cards
  • Students rate their reviewers
  • Automated submission checking
  • Insights
  • Nudging
  • Completion checklist
  • Students peer assess each others’ draft group reports before the final hand-in to teacher.
  • Students upload videos of their laboratory work for peers to review and grade.
  • Students evaluate the credibility of sources.
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