Support to ensure adoption of learning activities

We offer a range of services to ensure the highest possible adoption of learning activities among our partners. Together with our tools, adoption support, benefits from consortium structure and research, our partners are able to enable active learning at scale.


Together the growing suite of tools and learning activities address a wide range of pedagogical scenarios. With the tools and future innovations from the DoTank and our support services, the LMS environment will have the flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of teachers.

All the current and future tools will be available for all consortium members. We build tools that facilitate a wide variety of validated learning activities in prominent active learning themes like (peer) feedback, activating study material, interactive classrooms and discussion.

All the tools are integrated into your Learning Management System via an LTI and API integration. This integration makes sure that all functionalities like calendar syncing, importing of groups and sending back complex grading is made possible.

Hosting of our site and the data storage is done in Frankfurt, Germany and is provided by Heroku Inc. All data stored here is encrypted.

Data center operations have been accredited under: 

ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II)

PCI Level 1

FISMA Moderate 

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

All data transferred between the servers is encrypted with RSA 4Kbit. The communication between the server and the end-user is scripted via TLS and AES256. The stored data is not accessible to any third party. All back-ups of the data are encrypted with AES256.

All data is secured according to the strict General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as set by the European Union. More elaborate information can be found in the processor agreement.

The institution always remains owner of the data as explained in the SaaS-agreement. For this reason, the university can order to have the data exported or deleted from the server.

Users are able to contact our online support 24/7, via the management module on the website within the application and via helpme@feedbackfruits.com. Response time to notification via in-application support chat and helpme@feedbackfruits.com will be no longer than 4 office hours. The office hours are from Monday to Friday 6AM – 6PM EST. Within business hours the team strives, and manages, to respond to all incoming messages within 10 minutes.


Being a consortium member implies that you can expect more than just SaaS. The elements below highlight the included partnership services for continued support of the adoption of learning activities.

To make sure that the tools are implemented into course designs smoothly, a kick-off training is provided. During this training, a teacher expert explains all functionalities in-depth to make sure that everyone is able to use the tools properly and instruct others as well.

Every consortium member has a dedicated partner success manager that is there for all questions regarding integration, organization of workshops and helping individual teachers. Bi-weekly meetings are set up with the partner success manager in order to evaluate how current courses are running, how future courses might look and how the learning activities in the consortium can possibly benefit those courses.

These workshops ensures the supporting staff of partner universities are trained in the set-up and use of the LMS tools. The Partner Success Manager from FeedbackFruits conducts this workshop and can take place multiple times a year. The purpose of these workshops is to “train the trainer”, as the supporting staff of the partner university is often involved in the set-up of modules with faculty. The aim is therefore to make sure that these trainers are confident to set-up and have a profound knowledge of all the tools and their corresponding learning activities, to help their teachers. The supporting staff is also kept in the loop on the latest DoTank projects that are developed in the consortium, with the possibility to test these new functionalities and tools.

Next to trainer workshops, FeedbackFruits provides workshops to teachers to help them translate their use case into a learning activity using one or multiple tools. These workshops can be provided in a group setting or in one-on-one settings. These workshops are more in-depth as we discuss specific use cases to provide best advice when using one of the LMS tools. Moreover, best practices as seen at other partners within the Consortium are shared to foster knowledge exchange. The purpose of the teacher workshops is to share best practice knowledge from other partners and help in the set-up of a specific learning activity that best supports the use case.

The pedagogical scenarios that are used by the teachers will be, together with the teachers, translated into documented learning activities. By documenting these, it is made easy to transfer the pedagogical scenario of the teacher to colleagues within and outside of the institution. The greatest benefit of this is that these procedures will save time and increase adoption.


A group of expert practitioners from leading universities with a shared goal to make passive education into active and engaging. All partners within the consortium benefit from the mutual efforts.

Since the innovation partners co-create new learning activities or tools with FeedbackFruits, once these new functionalities are validated, they become available for all consortium partners. These new functionalities can be completely new tools like Discussion Assignment or Comprehension or new features that allow for different learning activities, such as Participation Grading or Group Contribution Grading for example.

Within the consortium, the Learning Activities Store is a project devoted to developing an infrastructure that makes it easier for teachers to share their most innovative didactic strategies and learning activities with colleagues. In this store teachers and instructional designers get access to all the documented learning activities from all partners. This is currently in a Beta state and will be fully released in the (near) future. Currently the partner success manager and adoption specialists within FeedbackFruits make sure that all the innovative learning activities within the consortium spread to the innovative instructional designers and teachers during workshops.

Knowledge is also shared within the consortium via the FeedbackFruits Inspiration Days. FeedbackFruits, as the facilitator, organizes bi-annual Inspiration Days, which have two themes: 1) Discussion on a strategic level with all partners and discussion of current DoTank projects and the vision on teaching and learning. 2) Discussions on an operational level, namely different learning activities and best practices of teachers. For the future, and international partners, we plan to organize the Inspiration Days around global meetups such as OE Global and Educause.


FeedbackFruits enables new opportunities for learning education researchers, course developers, and instructors to better evaluate causal claims, leading to improved teaching and learning.

For specific research subjects, we extract specific data from learners within the institution to conduct research on. For example, to extract and research near real-time learner data logs, such as: progression in assignments, skill gap analysis, social interaction (Upvotes/Discussion threads), sentiment analysis and completion rates. This data can be delivered in multiple formats (JSON, XML or RDF).

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