Facilitate teacher feedback in learning activities where there is no deliverable


Feedback on performance and skills is central to many areas of education. Constructive, structured feedback from teachers enhances students’ overall experience and motivates them to significantly improve in the long run. The Skill Feedback tool facilitates teacher feedback in learning activities where there is no deliverable, such as a presentation, an oral exam, or an interview. Feedback criteria can be structured in several ways (ratings on a scale, rubrics, or qualitative feedback without ratings), and all ratings can be underpinned by qualitative comments.

  • Inline feedback on most media types
  • Data export possibility
  • Group work support
  • Calendar deadline synchronization
  • Upvote and/or reply to feedback
  • Reuse feedback comments
  • Complex rubrics*
  • Sync grades with LMS

* Development stages are before September 1st, 2019

  • Nudging
  • Feedback cards
  • Automatic feedback tips
  • Completion checklist
  • Students rate their reviewers
  • Review student group presentations
  • Evaluate oral exams
  • Review student group debates
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